A HOT El Paso Summer, etc.


Hi everyone! I hope all is well for you! Things have been pretty busy over here! I just wanted to give you a little update on what’s going on. I plan on blogging more in the very near future. I’ll have a Romantic Tuesday post for you this week. I will also have other posts up pretty soon. Trust me, I haven’t forgotten any of you! I just started training at a new job and it’s pretty intense! It’s a lot to learn in a few weeks! My brain feels like it’s fried when I finish at 5:15 p.m. I’m glad I’m working again but it almost feels like I already need a vacation! 😀


It’s also been VERY hot! Temperatures have been in the upper 90’s and 100’s here. Many usually call El Paso Hell Paso and I can see why! Since it’s so hot over here, my son always wants me to take him the splash pad at the nearby park. It’s a lot of fun! Another plus is that it’s free! How can I say no? I think we’re going today. I can’t believe my son already has to start school on July 31! He’s going to sixth grade! He wants me to let him join football or band. I’m OK with band but football not so much. I’m afraid of him getting hit, especially in the head. If he joins band, he wants to play the drums. I’m hoping he’ll also want to join track later on in the year. He’s a good sprinter.     

What else have I been doing? I took my son to see “Despicable Me” last weekend. We really liked it and thought it was funny. Listening to all of the 80’s music in it was fun. I really want to see “Spider-Man” so hopefully soon. Since my son already saw it, I might go see it with my boyfriend. Have you seen any summer movies? What have you been doing? Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon!   



  1. Aww! He sounds adorable. And ahh, DJ and I cannot get enough of GOT. It gets better by the season! How do you like your new job? I bet it’s exhausting- anything new anything is so exhausting!! I hope you are finding some rest for yourself too ❤


  2. Hi Mack! Luckily it hasn’t been that hot in the last few days. It actually rained today. Yes girl, my son’s going to middle school! I can’t believe it. Me and my boyfriend watch Game of Thrones DVDs. We’re barely on the first or second season. I hope all is well for you and not too hard. I haven’t been blogging as much now that I started a new job. I’m pretty exhausted these days. I might even work afternoons and evenings at first. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

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  3. Sheeshhh! That is SO hot. You are definitely right. I have ZERO reason to complain. Awww your son is entering the sixth grade!! Is that middle school for you all? Big deal grade change there! Keep us updated on what he ends up doing with the extra curriculars! So fun! We haven’t seen any movies, but are currently into Game of Thrones. Have you watched? DJ and I have just worked worked worked. Trying to figure out the work/life balance, but it’s been hard, as I’m sure you are aware considering how MIA I am all the time. Lol. Thanks for the update!!!

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  4. Yes, sadly, we’re even hotter than Phoenix. I live about 20 miles from the Coachella Festival, though I’ve never gone to it. I’m far too old and can’t afford the outrageous ticket prices. I watch the performances live streamed on YouTube the first weekend.

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  5. I’ll tell you about HOT! Here in the Coachella Valley – admittedly one of the hottest regions on the planet – we’ve hit 122 degrees FOUR TIMES already, and it’s only July 9th! We still have three full months of hot weather to endure.

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  6. Oh, that’s cool and smart. That way you can also make use of cheaper offers since it is not the main season for travelling. That way I understand! Ha, doing my best… lol!

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  7. It’s funny! Yeah it’s kind of early to go back to school. A lot of the schools over here go year round. I like that he’s off in October. It’s always been a good time to go on vacation. It’s not as expensive or crowded. Stay cool!

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  8. You know what? I just came back from watching Despicable Me 3. I loved it! July 31st appears pretty early for a region like yours. I guess the hottest days are only about to come then. Anyway, happy summer, Lisa. I enjoy ours here so very much too. It is very hot for our area and I love it!!

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