Things I Miss from the 90’s

Hi everyone! I hope all is well for you! The other day I was reading a story on Facebook about 90’s things we probably wouldn’t be able to get away with in 2017. I remember my parents always telling me not to grow up too soon. Several years later, I finally realize they were right! After reading that story, I began thinking about what I miss about growing up in the 90’s. Here is my list in no particular order.


Passing notes in class, writing letters

I remember me and a couple of my friends wrote each other notes during class and even outside of class. It was a huge deal if a guy wrote you a letter. It happened to me a couple of times. I still have those letters somewhere! Can you believe I even had a pen pal for years? We still keep in touch on Facebook! Wow, life without texting and social media! Imagine that for a minute! 🙂 Speaking of phones, I miss…

Talking on the phone!


I remember talking to my girl friends and exes on the phone for hours. My parents gave me a time limit to talk (I forget what it was). Now that there’s texting and e-mailing, hardly anyone talks on the phone anymore. I think relationships were probably stronger and better back then just because of this. I’ll admit it…I’m too lazy nowadays so I mostly just text everyone. I would say I miss having a pager but my mom never let me have one! She said it was only for drug dealers. LOL. Wow!

The music!

I’m still listening to Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nirvana and a local old school radio station. I can’t believe some of the garbage they play on the radio these days. Some of it is actually good. I also miss watching music videos on MTV. Reality TV was almost unheard of! 

16-bit entertainment, computer games

I miss playing Sega Genesis and computer games like Doom and Tetris! Some of my favorite Sega games were Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Dream Team Basketball and Aladdin. Me and my sister used to fight over who’s turn it was to play. Getting grounded/punished was the worst thing ever! My parents would take this privilege away for weeks or even months. 

Playing Outside


Since there weren’t tablets or cell phones, a lot of my time was spent outside playing with my neighbor friends. We spent hours roller skating, riding bikes, playing hopscotch, playing basketball, etc. Our parents allowed us to stay outside until the street light turned on. Everyone went in for dinner once the light turned on or else you were up to no good 🙂 

Bill Clinton being president

I still remember him playing the saxophone and saying he didn’t inhale marijuana smoke. Yea right but…he was a better president than what we’re stuck with now. A monkey as president would even be better than Chump!

Getting into Internet chatrooms on AOL and Yahoo!

To be honest, I don’t miss using Dialup Internet. It was extremely slow and my mom would constantly bi*ch at me to get off so she could use the phone. The dialing sound was also annoying. Can you believe I still have friends I met in those chatrooms these days? One lives in Georgia and the other one lives in Ireland.

TV Sitcoms

With the exception of a select few, TV shows have really gone down the tube (corny joke I know) these days. I miss watching “Friends”, “Roseanne”, “The Wonder Years” and TGIF Friday shows like “Family Matters” and yes… even “Full House.” My family and I watched these shows over dinner. Thank Goodness for Netflix? I guess? 

El Paso Places


If you’re from El Paso, you might remember places like mall arcades and the yummy cafeteria food at Cielo Vista Mall. I also miss Pistol Pete’s Pizza. They had a huge arcade and merry go round. Unfortunately it closed years before my son was born. It was the best place in town for a birthday party. I also miss Swenson’s Ice Cream parlor in west El Paso. I remember my parents took us there, especially if we had a good report card. They had so many ice cream flavors and toppings to choose from! I also miss the old Western Playland amusement park at Ascarate Park. It just isn’t the same at Sunland Park. Luckily we still have it though.

How about you? Do you miss anything from the 90’s and/or other decades? Feel free to leave comments. Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon! I will be back with a Romantic Tuesday post.       

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  1. As for the music, I love music from most decades, even those I wasn’t even alive in but I especially love the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The Culture Club and Boy George, The Doobie Brothers, Elvis Presley, MC Hammer and Rick James. Even the Big Bands back in the 40’s and Toby Keith in the 2000’s. I love music from every generation!


  2. Although I’m older than you, life was more enjoyable in the 90’s to me. The cost of living was lower overall and we didn’t hear from the president every single day!! The only reality show I recall back then was MTV’S The Real World which I think was a good thing.

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  3. Ah, nostalgia hits! I agree with most of those, especially the one about music (huge Nirvana fan) and playing outside… Where I grew up, that was mostly playing hide and seek, and at twilight the old women would sit outside their houses and tell tales to the kids. Missing the good times now 🙂

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  4. If you’re into nostalgia, old school, and pop culture, you will enjoy my book, which has the same name as my blog. Yes, agree on all your points and had very similar experiences growing up in the 80s…with no internet.

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  5. I grew up in this 90s and it really was an amazing time! I remember the dial up net too and my mom used to always ask me to get off the net too so she could use the phone. hahaa those were the days 😀

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  6. Oh yeah I remember hearing of ICQ. Wasn’t it where you had a number or something like that for chatting? I never used it. I hope to see your list!


  7. I remember ICQ and the little uh oh sound. It’s what got me hooked to the internet in the first place lol
    This is a great idea, might have to do a similar what I miss post sometime. I’ll link back, maybe you’ll start a thing with this 🙂

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  8. Aww 🙂 I had my son at 24. My 20’s were fun. Hopefully I can still have one more very soon! Lol. I’m sure life will be great for you! Kids/babies are such a blessing.

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  9. My 30’s were good, and those were the years we were having babies, so I’ll always remember those years fondly. My 49’s haven’t been bad either, though energetic boys tend to wear me out. Still 2 years from my 50’s, so we’ll find out what they have in store for me. 😃

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  10. All of these decades had some great music! You’re exactly right about me being stuck on 90’s music. I like the 80’s a lot too. I was a little kid at that time. As of new music, I really only like some top 40 and very few rock songs these days. El Paso doesn’t really play new rock music. It’s kind of weird! I’m stuck on the old school station. Lol.

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  11. Being a considerable number of years older than you Lisa, I have a different perspective on the 90s than you. The thing I miss the most is MY YOUTH! I do not miss talking on the phone, as I generally now see it as an intrusion on my busy schedule. I have only a few friends who still call me on the phone, and they’re all old like me – lol. And like you, I certainly don’t miss the old dial-up internet.

    I think music is much better today, and was much better in the late 60s, 70s and 80s. The 90s are my least favorite decade for music, but it makes perfect sense why you love it, as you came of age that decade.

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