Journey was Worth the Wait


Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I had the opportunity to attend Journey’s concert last Wednesday night at El Paso’s Don Haskins Center. After listening to them for many years, it was a GREAT opportunity I couldn’t pass up. There’s been days when I’ve spent hours listening to them in my room and/or my car. Journey has gotten me through some really hard days in my life. Their music has been there for me through break ups and losing a job. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you already know I’m a HUGE fan! Since my parents are also big fans, I would’ve liked for them to attend. Unfortunately the concert was sold out so I was only able to get one ticket. Even though I wanted to give my mom the ticket, she insisted I attend instead.

Luckily I made friends with the people sitting next to me on both sides. If it weren’t for Stefano, I wouldn’t have any photos of Journey. Despite the language barrier, I asked him if he could text me some of his photos and he said yes! Angels truly exist and he is proof of one! Can you believe my phone died a little bit after the opening act? English rock band Asia opened for Journey. They had a couple of great solos. They also performed a tribute dedicated to their late band member, John Wetton. I enjoyed their rendition of “Video Killed the Radio Star.” This song was pretty popular back when MTV played a lot of music videos. 


Unfortunately the entire show didn’t run smoothly. Journey’s plane was delayed in Tucson for hours due to mechanical issues. The staff eventually let the audience know. Several concert goers became upset. They began booing and leaving the show. A fight even broke out! Journey was scheduled to perform at around 8:30 or 9. They weren’t on stage until about 11. I considered leaving but decided not to. I’m glad I stayed because it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to in my life. I was already sleepy but immediately snapped out of it once Journey hit the stage. 


The band was full of so much love and energy throughout their set. Lead singer Arnel Pineda and the other band members were extremely friendly. They apologized more than once for being late. Arnel shook hands and even hugged several fans throughout the nearly two-hour show. Since I was on the second row, I got to touch his arm as he smiled and made eye contact with me on more than one occasion. I think he sounds better live rather than on YouTube. The band discovered Arnel on YouTube. Besides singing some of their classics like “Lights”, “Who’s Crying Now” and “Lovin’, Touchin’ Squeezin'”, they also threw in some great solos. I especially loved Jonathan Cain’s mix of songs he combined and played on the piano. He was also very friendly with the crowd. He allowed several fans to take photos and selfies with him. My parent’s song, “Open Arms” was also sang. Arnel sang his heart out on this one, along with the other songs. He made me want to sing along to several songs. He even gave me goosebumps as he was singing “Open Arms.” Even though I got home at about 1:30, the show was worth every minute I waited and watched. I highly recommend watching Journey live. They know how to put on a great show as they constantly entertain their fans. Their songs will always be timeless classics for me and millions of their fans.     



  1. What an amazing event!! It is a shame that they couldn’t start on time but I am glad they did not cancel the concert…. would love to see them too. Open Arms is one of my favorite songs. I always get goosebumps and teary eyes when I hear it. Thank you so much for sharing your concert experience, Lisa!

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