Celebrating Motherhood: Essay by Lisa Amaya

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Open Thought Vortex

By Lisa Amaya

Some want to live what I call ‘the typical life.’ To me, this means getting a job, marrying someone you love, having children and making beautiful memories together. My life has only sort of fallen into this category.

After graduating from college at 23, I worked as an education reporter at a daily newspaper in New Mexico. I’ve loved writing since I was 6 and I figured I’d have the time of my life in this position. Unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken.

A few months in, I wasn’t getting along with my editor and I was fired. There are always just going to be some people who don’t appreciate or like you in life. That was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn, but I eventually did.

As I was thinking of what my next career move would be, I fell pregnant with my surprise…

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