CGTrader Blogging Design Contest

1501378438274-592826248Hi everyone! A big thank you goes out to CGTrader for inviting me to participate in their CGTrader contest. The blogging contest is called “Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now.” For more info., feel free to click on the link above. 

Design plays a huge role in everyday life. Whether it’s designing a blog or showing off your fashion sense, people always judge things by the way it looks. I don’t know whether this is good or not. Everyone probably has their own opinion about that. To me, it just seems to be human nature. Since I consider myself to be a classic fashion dresser, I’m going to talk more about it. Classic fashion to me means I always like to look as neat and natural as possible. When I say this I mean I only like to wear a little bit of makeup like lipstick, mascara and foundation. I’ll wear a little bit more for special occasions. I like to keep my hair looking neat with a short style hairdo like a bob. It’s easy to style and maintain. Keeping things as simple as possible works for me and my life. I enjoy wearing colors like black, red, purple, blue and green. Black is said to make a person feel younger and look thinner. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a black dress or outfit. I also don’t think you have to break the bank in order to look classy. I especially like shopping for clothing at places that give back to the community like thrift stores and local boutiques. I also like shopping at stores that send me coupons and discounts through an app or e-mail. I’ve also found some wonderful bargains online.

I like wearing classy looking sleeveless blouses, solid colored slacks especially in black and gray, collared blouses and jeans. My favorite shoes to wear are pumps and lately black leather flats. I also like to keep the jewelry I wear simple. I am OK with wearing silver hoop earrings, a silver necklace and ring. One’s fashion style should always reflect who someone is as a person. Wearing a green blouse means business for me. Green signifies good luck and attracting money. Red is supposed to mean power. Purple for me means you have a mysterious side…and of course not in a bad way! How about you? What are your favorite colors and things to wear? Feel free to leave comments. Have a great day everyone!

Photo from Pexels Free Stock Photos 



  1. Haha! I only use the light colors for work… lol! I am cautious too.. hehe! Yes, I changed my profile pic. I should have done it a year ago already but did not have one I was fine with. The old one wasn’t me anymore… in no way… haha!

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  2. I think wearing less makeup actually makes a person look younger now and later. Me and white are a no no! Lol. I always spill food or something on myself. I love black and all of the other colors you mentioned.

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  3. Funny timing on this post, Lisa. I was just composing a post on monochromatic wardrobe choices…every time I invest in a better garment, it is always either black or white. I throw in some color depending on my moods at the time…red, yellow, purple, blue, but those pieces never last as long. Interesting ?? I appreciate your choice of classic looks, minimal “war paint”. Nice.

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  4. My sister is a style coach and that way I learned a lot about how to support my own personality in the way I dress, regarding style, colors, jewelry… the great thing is that I love most of the stuff she explained to me would work best for me… but I still like some other things too which she says was a no go… I still wear it… haha!!

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  5. Hey Lisa, Is there still going to be a blogger event in Chicago in August? Somehow WordPress had me unfollow you. Which has happened to a bunch of blogs I follow. Annoying to say the least!

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