Taking a Break


Hi everyone! I hope all is well for you! I just wanted to let you know I’m going to take some weeks off from blogging. Things have been really hectic these days. I’m working full-time and freelancing. My son’s also in school so he has homework. I have to help him most days. Thank you for your support, everyone! I will see you soon! Feel free to check out any of my older posts while I’m gone. Take care! ❀

P.S. Here’s a list of some of my favorite blogs below in no particular order. Feel free to check them out too!

The Tony Burgess Blog

But I smile Anyway…

Erika Kind

Dream Big, Dream Often

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

Art by Rob Goldstein

By Hook or By Book

Eclectic Music Lover

Postcards from Kerry

Photo from PexelsΒ 


  1. Totally understand your needing to take a break to concentrate on personal, work and family needs. I also need to do that, but have over-committed myself to writing too many reviews for artists and bands who’ve requested them.

    And thank you so much for including me among your favorite blogs that you recommend. I’m honored.

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