Happy birthday Johnna!

Hi everyone. Today would’ve been fellow blogger and friend Johnna’s (Pain kills 2) birthday. For those who donated money for her family, I still have it. It will be donated to charity. I’m deciding which charity to donate it to. I also asked Johnna’s sister for input. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave it in the comments. I can’t believe our friend has already been gone for more than sixth months. I know she continues to look over me and many others.


  1. Thank you. Her family misses her very much. Her sister emails me every once in awhile. Johnna and her family are from Houston. I emailed her sister to see how they were during Harvey. Luckily they’re fine. 🙂

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  2. I had no idea that Johnna had died because I had been out of the loop. When I read her blogs, I thought perhaps she would not live long. I am very sad for your loss because I knew you were close to her. K x

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  3. I miss her so much.
    Maybe a charity to help with protecting patients’ rights? She was very passionate about chronic pain patients having the right to be cared for compassionately.

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  4. Did you happen to learn what the actual cause of her death was?

    I suggest you get that money to the American Red Cross, which is doing a wonderful job of taking care of Harvey survivors and now will be stretched to the utmost by Irma and whatever the next one in line is called.

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