Concert Review: The Chamanas and Portugal. The Man in El Paso

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I had the opportunity to catch The Chamanas and Portugal. The Man concert at El Paso’s Plaza Theatre on Friday night. My boyfriend’s a huge fan of Portugal. The Man so of course we went! I didn’t like their music at first but it’s grown on me a lot over the past few months. If you keep up with U.S. Top 40 music, you’re probably familiar with their hit song, “Feel it Still.” I’m listening to it right now and bobbing my head as I’m writing this. I included their video in case you aren’t familiar with them. Aside from my boyfriend, fellow blogger and friend Jeff from Eclectic Music Lover also introduced me to Portugal. The Man’s music this summer. Jeff writes about several indie bands and Top 40 music. If you’re into music as much as myself, check out/follow his blog if you aren’t already.

If I had to describe this sold out concert using one word, I’d go with quirky. Both bands have a great and unique sound to contribute to the world. I always enjoy shows a lot more when the entertainment acts interact with the audience often. The best part about this is if they make you laugh and dance throughout the show. Both bands did this for me and my boyfriend. We aren’t people who typically dance and clap at a concert! El Paso/Juarez band The Chamanas opened for Portugal. The Man. The indie pop band sings in Spanish and English. Wikipedia says the name of the band refers to the blend of cultures that takes place in a border region. Chamanas is a made up word Pocho word. Wikipedia says pocho is a term used by Mexicans to describe Chicanos (Mexican-Americans) who left Mexico for the U.S. Pochos typically speak Spanglish (mixing the Spanish and English language) or conversational Spanish. They’re typically not fluent in proper Spanish. They even have their old Spanglish type words. Chamana also comes from the idea that music can change how people think and feel in very positive ways like music therapy. A “Shaman” or “Chaman” is a spiritual person that can cure people with their energy and natural medicine. 

The Chamanas sang their rendition of Portugal. The Man’s “Feel it Still” in Spanish. (Can you tell that I like this song?) I included their video of it. I enjoy lead singer Paulina Reza’s smooth, laid back voice. She dedicated a song to the victims of Mexico City’s earthquake. The Chamanas became friends with Portugal. The Man some years back while recording at Sonic Ranch Studio in Tornillo, Texas. Tornillo is 30 miles east of El Paso. Several well-known bands have recorded music there. Aside from local bands, some other bands on the list include: Cannibal Corpse, Taking Back Sunday, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sublime with Rome, Mudvayne, At the Drive-In, Hanson, Sparta, Flogging Molly and many others.

Portugal. The Man’s performance literally set off the fire alarms in the building! The curtain came down twice as they were beginning their show. We don’t know if the band did it on purpose due to it being Friday the 13th. The band members joked around with the audience about it. Their set began with Marty Robbins’ “El Paso” and the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody.” I can understand starting off with “El Paso” but “Unchained Melody” not so much. The band included their rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Brick in the Wall.” It didn’t sound anything like the original but I still enjoyed their version. Immediately after, they played their hit song, “Purple Yellow Red and Blue.” Although I enjoyed their entire set, my two favorite songs from them were “Feel it Still” and “Noise Pollution.” I’ve liked other songs from their eighth album “Woodstock.” Towards the end of the show, Portugal. The Man also included their cover of Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” Besides three hours of dance worthy music, me and my boyfriend enjoyed their bright lights and colorful, interesting art. The band also likes weed and doesn’t care for politics. If these alternative pop rock bands are ever in your area, I highly recommend checking them out! I promise it will be a night you won’t forget! Here’s a few photos my boyfriend took at the show. I was surprised they let everyone take photos and videos! Have a great day, everyone and I’ll see you soon!

Outside the Plaza 
Towards the end of Portugal. The Man I couldn’t complain about third row seats!
The Chamanas lead singer Paulina Reza


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  2. It really was, Ritu! Not sure if they play Portugal. The Man in England yet! If they don’t right now, I’m sure they will pretty soon.


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