Fun, Spooky Places to Visit in the 915


By Vincent Nezzer

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are starting to change, Pumpkin Spice lattes are on the menu and sweaters are mandatory before 9 a.m. It’s also time for zombies, haunted houses and corn mazes. If you’re looking to get your scare fix in this Halloween, here are some the scariest places in the city.

Terror Trail Haunted House

Terror Trail Haunted House is back for the fourth year in a row. This seasonal attraction is regularly described as one of the scariest Halloween attractions in El Paso. In past years, the Terror Trail has started off in a decrepit barn with scores of animals awaiting slaughter. This year, Terror Trail teamed up with Taskforce Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Eradication & Research Organization) to incorporate new zombie-themed scares. Admission is $16. This haunted house is located at 401 Anthony Road in Canutillo. 

El Paso County Sheriff Haunted House

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is hosting their 8th Annual Haunted House at Sheriff Headquarters. This year, the theme is “spooky thrill.” All proceeds from this event benefit the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post, a local non-profit organization that gives young men and women the opportunity to explore careers in law enforcement. Admission is $10 for adults, $9 with a canned food donation and $8 per child under 12. This haunted house is located at 3850 Justice Drive.


The Massacre on Marshall Road

The next location on the list is not for the faint of heart. The Massacre on Marshall Road is billed as the scariest haunted house in El Paso. Hidden cameras throughout the house will record your terror for future laughs. Visitors should watch out for the Twisty-the-Clown look alike from “American Horror Story.” Admission is $5. The massacre is located at 1717 Marshall Road in Fort Bliss. 


Forbidden Acres 

Forbidden Acres is an outdoor maze full of evil and the undead. Just kidding… It’s actually a relatively new Halloween attraction that puts a twist on the traditional haunted house. Guests will navigate their way through a haunted maze at night while being chased by zombies and creepy clowns. The entire experience lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, but it feels like a lifetime. Admission is $15, cash only. 13161 Tobacco Road.

KLAQ’s Area 52

KLAQ hosts the longest running haunted house in El Paso. While most haunted houses are strictly “hands-off,” Area 52 allows its visitors to get in on the action. This alien-themed outdoor maze starts off with a full-fledged replica of a UFO crash site. After escaping from the maze, participants can exterminate the extra-terrestrial invaders in an epic paintball shootout. For discounts on admission, visit Groupon’s things to do page for El Paso. $12 for the haunted house, $12 for paintball, $20 for both. Located at 13900 Montana Ave. 

Zombie Paintball Adventure

It turns out the paintball guns are actually the perfect weapon for both aliens AND zombies. Zombie Paintball Adventure is located in the same complex as Terror Trail Haunted House, but it’s different enough to warrant its own bullet. At this haunted house, visitors can ride a Zombie Eradication Vehicle and shoot through hoards of the walking dead… with paintballs, of course. $18. 401 Anthony Ave.

La Union Haunted Pellet Maze

La Union, New Mexico is home to haunted pallet maze that will scare the corn out of you. As visitors progress through the labyrinth, they’re subjected to realistic monster and spooky props. This location is also home to a gorgeous 14-foot tall corn maze. What the corn maze lacks in jump scares, it makes up for in sheer difficulty. La Union also offers wagon-rides, a family slide and a farm animal corral for the little ones. Admission is $7. Located at 1101 NM-28, Anthony.


El Paso Ghost Tours

The last two places on this list replace jump scares and elaborate props with actual ghosts and supernatural phenomenon. Established in 2008, El Paso Ghost tours began as a paranormal investigation team that helped people deal with their in-home hauntings. Since then, the organization has evolved into a tour company that offers terrifying ghost tours in downtown El Paso. $20. 

Paso del Norte Paranormal Society

Last, but not least, the Paso Del Norte Society offers a tour of haunted sites within Concordia Cemetery. Visitors have reported seeing glimpses of a lady in white, the sounds of children laughing and the hoofbeats of horses. The tour lasts a grand total of two hours. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own recording equipment. $15. Located at 3700 East Yandell Drive. 

Feel free to share your favorite haunted spots, experiences, ghost stories and/or Halloween memories in the comments.


Vincent Nezzer is a blogger from Las Cruces, New Mexico. He earned an English degree from the University of New Mexico and cut his teeth writing web content for the Anderson School of Management. He makes his living writing stories for a variety of online publications. He plays videos games and hangs out with his dogs, Peaches and Rose in his spare time.

Photos from Facebook and Pexels


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