Hi everyone and Happy Sunday! Some of my favorite bloggers are participating in the SEVEN DAYS. SEVEN BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS OF YOUR LIFE challenge. I decided to participate after seeing Erika Kind’s photos. The only rules are: No people. No explanation. I’ll be posting one black and white photo from my life everyday for the next seven days. I would like to welcome my readers to participate if they’d like. Have a good day! My photo for today is below. I’ll be back with another one on Monday! It may or may not be spooktacular. Ha ha ha! Take care everyone!






  1. We had our first freeze the other morning…and one yesterday morning… imma just ready to play fire chief lololol… that is my title here at the house since I do all the wood and keep it going thru out the night lolol… looks like we may have to get someone else to buy wood from…since the one friend of ours has lots of problems in his life right now and I don’t think hes even doing wood… hes in an abusive relationship he is the one that gets beat up…and she tore up his truck broke lights out and tore all the wires and oh so much more…better half tried to talk to him but he didn’t want to hear it…even his parents came over here to talk to better half since they feel lost as well…anyways…I love this picture so much …such beauty gurl… I would get it framed…and in black n white is so perfect you can make out every detail…

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  2. Happy Sunday to you to gurl!!!…
    So far so good …lol…on the cool side the last few days but that is OK with me…now just send snow hehehe…
    You are most welcome hun…loved that picture for lack of better words…LOVE!!!

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