Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! Are you ready for Halloween? How do you spend the day? It’s my day off so I’ll be spending it writing and taking my son trick or treating. My church is having a carnival so we might go. It’s kind of chilly over here tonight! I’m craving some champurrado, a thick Mexican chocolate drink as I’m writing this! Some of my favorite bloggers are participating in the SEVEN DAYS. SEVEN BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS OF YOUR LIFE challenge. I decided to participate after seeing Erika Kindโ€™s photos. The only rules are: No people. No explanation. I posted one black and white photo from my life everyday for seven days. Today is the last day of the challenge for me. I’m feeling festive so I decided on the photo below. I think it’s perfect for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). I would like to welcome my readers to participate in this challenge if theyโ€™d like. A thank you goes out to everyone who checked out my version of the challenge. Have a great night or morning, everyone! I’ll be back with something for you on Halloween.




  1. Thanks Ritu! I should’ve bought one! They’re pretty much everywhere over here, especially during this time of the year. My boyfriend collects Calaveras (skulls).


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