The Shootings in the U.S.


Hi everyone. I hope all is well for you. I really didn’t want to write about this subject but it’s been happening too often. It happened in Orlando, Las Vegas and now Texas (it’s happened more than once in Texas)! There’s been countless other mass shootings in the U.S. How many more mass shootings are there going to be in this country?? I hate to even think about that number. I’m tired of hearing Donald Trump say the same shit over and over again…it was ‘an act of evil’ blah blah blah! He and others say the mass shooting in Texas was a result of a mental health problem not a guns situation. I’m also tired of hearing people say they are praying for these poor, innocent victims and their families. I admit I’ve also said this myself. The prayers are great but these shootings are still happening! I understand we have the right to bear arms because of our second amendment. Some Americans are taking that second amendment right to another level. We need to do more to protect our citizens. Why don’t many in political office do anything about this violence? Because money talks and most in office turn around and look the other way. It would help if there were stricter laws in place. I don’t know that much about guns. I wanted one for protection in the past but I don’t anymore. What if my son got a hold of it? 

I live in a state that has the most lax gun laws. USA Today says applications for a handgun license went from $140 to $40 on Sept. 1. Handgun license applicants can take the classes online instead of in a classroom. The legislature passed the campus carry law in 2015. It allows licensed students to carry a concealed weapon on a college campus. A federal background check is supposed to be done but…there’s obviously loop holes to purchase or get a gun somehow. All of these statements just sound like excuses to justify these mass shootings. There’s not enough action taken to stop more of these future mass shootings from happening. America also needs to help those with mental illness more. All of the shooters were obviously not well if they were able to do this to innocent people. And what? What now? There’s so many questions to ask but not enough action taken to protect the masses. Thank Goodness for the first responders who take care of us but…where do we go from here?

Photo from Google Search/San Antonio Express-News



  1. The illegal way, unfortunately, is always there. Yes, they should do restrict the options to get a gun and have stricter tests. Also, over here you have to redo the tests after a few years. The permission is limited!

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  2. Oh yeah. It’s all about money and power. The Bill of Rights was written in the late 1700’s. They do background checks here but idk. You can take a class online in Texas for the license. They should do other tests like in Europe, something! Unfortunately some find a way to get a gun illegally to commit crime.

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  3. Yes, that is the first priority: guns, oil, war,… shocking! Shocking too that it is allowed to get guns as a civil right! Over here you need to pass psychic tests and you need to pass trainings and exams to get a gun licence. You don’t get a gun without the licence (at least not on the legal way).

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  4. Ha ha that’s crazy. Guns would never be banned here because of our second amendment right in the Bill of rights. The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms. I would like stronger laws to purchase guns and more help for the mentally ill. This past shooter in Texas was discharged from the Air Force because he abused his wife and child. He was obviously mentally ill. He STILL got a gun. I wish a lot of things would change but it won’t with this president and current politicians. All they care about is money.

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  5. No, this president is of no support at all to make anything better! Regarding the guns I saw a photo on twitter with one kid with a gun and one with a Kinder Egg (or Kinder Surprise, I don’t know how you call it in the US). I cannot believe that Kinder Eggs are banned from the US market as the meme said… but guns are! Crazy!

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  6. It’s just too easy to get a gun here, especially in Texas. I disagree with the gun laws here. I think they need to be enforced more but money talks so it doesn’t happen. I understand people want one to protect themselves or go hunting. Even if they’re not mentally well they still find a way to get a gun. It’s our right to have one in the U.S. if we want. A lot of things have to change but unfortunately I don’t see it happening with this moron of a president and these law makers. We just have to raise our children to love and accept others the way they are.

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  7. This gun situation is something I don’t understand. But I believe that a lot could be prevented if there was more respect in the world… and also respect for those who need help in order that they don’t get that desperate.

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  8. That’s all we can do. This attitude of hate and anger and intolerance and ignorance begins at home. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to protect them. I wish I had the answer, but getting these une cessât weapons off the market would be a good start. I know there are always ways, and someone who’s bent on killing will still find a way. But making it as difficult as possible for them to do so just seems like a no-brainer to me.

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  9. I’m right there with you. The level of hate and anger is at an all-time high, it seems, and shows no sign of waning. These so-called “leaders” and their punkish and immature tweeting sure doesn’t help. Again, F&@K these politicians, from the top down.

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  10. Yup. Another thing is that they don’t really do much to help those with a mental illness. It’s gotten a little bit better but a lot still needs to be done. This country is in shambles in many ways. I’m sad raising my son in this world. I have to do my best though.

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  11. Sadly, I’m afraid you’re right. Nothing will change, until the NRA gets out of bed with policy makers. They’d rather get money for re-election bids than protect the citizens they represent. Our government is for sale to the highest bidder. 😠

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  12. I get that people want a gun for hunting or even to protect themselves. Like you said, I think there should be a more stringent process to own a gun. I don’t see it happening in Texas at all. This guy in Texas or Las Vegas had no business with a gun…especially the guy in Texas!

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  13. I’m a supporter of the right to bear arms, I have three guns myself. But, making it easier to buy guns, and the sale of high-powered rifles, are both ludicrous. As a legal owner of guns that I use to shoot skeet and bird hunt, I’m fine with making it a longer and more stringent process to acquire one. Any person who’s purchasing one for benign and legal purposes should agree.

    As for the mental health aspect, if this guy was dishonorably discharged from the military, and had mental health issues, allowing him access to a weapon, while at the same not being willing to treat his mental illness, is even more ludicrous.

    These politicians are lining their pockets at our expense, as usual. Their BS response is typical. Wonder how they’d feel if it were their church, school, family members. F&@K them.

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  14. I understand. I wanted to avoid writing about the issue too. It’s just too much already! How many more shootings are there going to be? These idiots in office don’t care! I’ll check out your video.

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