Emancipator’s Music is Enjoyable, Relaxing

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I was recently introduced to downtempo artist Doug Appling’s (Emancipator’s) music. I enjoy his upbeat yet relaxing sound so I wanted to share some of his tracks with you. The music is perfect to listen to while writing or taking a peaceful drive. His upcoming 14-track LP “Baralku” will be released Nov. 17 by his own record label Loci Records. “Baralku” includes hip-hop, jazz and classical music. He will play shows in India (Mumbai and Bengaluru) and China (Beijing) this month. He’ll begin touring the U.S. from January-March. For more info., click here.  

Emancipator first began playing music as a violinist. Over the years, he’s created music from several other genres like bossa nova and new age. Appling has sold out venues like the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Several worldwide news outlets including the New York Times had great things to say about his music. Billboard said “Ghost Pong” is a chill event spent watching shadows move. Soulful wails an weeping violins set the mood over a laid-back beat. It’s deliciously moody, definitely ready for your next rainy afternoon.” What do you think of Emancipator’s sound? Feel free to leave comments! Have a great day, everyone! I’ll see you soon. 


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