Christmas and Other Things


Hi everyone! I hope your week was great! I’m sorry I couldn’t update the blog this past week, a lot was going on. I’m looking for another job, I went to the doctor, I’m preparing to move, etc. If you’re religious, please pray for me! If you aren’t, please send good vibes my way. I need to find a new job and everything needs to continue going well at the doctor. I’ll have lots more time this week to blog. I can’t believe Christmas is only 22 days away! I’m not sure where exactly this year went! I haven’t even started shopping yet! Are you ready for Christmas?

Advent 2017 (the Christmas calendar) started today and ends on Christmas Eve. I attended mass on Saturday evening. The father had had an excellent message. He said not to focus on shopping as much this year. He also said we should focus our energy on being happy and helping others. I think this should apply all year long. Even though things aren’t going as well as I’d like them to, I know there are many others are who are going through much harder things. The father also said we need to keep going on with life no matter how hard things are. 

Something that really made me happy and proud of my son is him wanting to give away several of his toys to less fortunate kids at church. Some of the toys he picked out are new with tags. His catechism teacher asked that they bring four gifts for the elderly and children. He wanted to give away at least 15, if not more. We also plan on buying some items for the elderly. My son never wanted to part with any of his toys until today. This was the highlight of my day. How was your week? Take care everyone and I’ll be back with a Romantic Tuesday post in the next couple of days. Stay tuned for a few Christmas posts.   

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  1. I have financial difficulties this year also and I did not receive a Christmas bonus but its okay I have far more blessings to count of. My family are in good health and we have roof to protect us from rain, we have food in the table we have clothings even though we don\t have new clothes. We will just count the blessings instead of the missfortune after all the first gift of Christmas is child Jesus the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Merry Christmas to all God bless us

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  2. He and St. Francis are my faves. I am well but a little anxious and not focused thus the lack of blogging. The snow has put me in the Xmas spirit, however, and I even went to the Mall today (dramatic, scary music). K xxx

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  3. Hi Rob! That’s ok! I hope you’re doing well! I try my best to be a good mom but I can’t take all of the credit. It really takes a village to raise a child. Thank you for your prayers and good vibes.

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  4. Good vibes and prayers going your way, Lisa. I’m sorry I have visited your blog as much as I want to; i do need to catch up. You must be a good Mother, your Son has a healthy sense of compassion. I’m glad the surgery turned out well. Good luck with the new job.

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  5. Thank you Erika! ❤🤗 So far everything looks good after my surgery. I just need to have one more test done to see what happens next. I’m just taking everything as it comes. I’ve been going on job interviews so hopefully I get something. Thank you for the hugs!

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  6. Wow, I can imagine how it must have touched you when your son all of a sudden changed his attitude. And it is even more wonderful in this age.
    I hope all goes well at the doctor’s, dear Lisa. And I am sorry that you need to look for another job again. A lot happening right now for you but one step at a time. Flow with the Spirit of Christmas, Lisa. Sending you healing and comforting hugs 💖

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