Merry Christmas Everyone!


Have a great Christmas, everyone! I hope you’re spending it with people you love the most. Thank you for being a part of Life of an El Paso Woman. I appreciate every single one of you! Today I’ll be spending the day with my family. I didn’t know which song to pick so I decided to go with this one. There’s so many great Christmas songs out there! Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon! Β Β 

Photo from Google Search


  1. Yes yes yes!!! It was such fun! I thought of you while I was there. I tried Buccees cookies for the first time.. so good! Now we really need to move there πŸ˜‰ ❀


  2. Merry Christmas, Lisa!!! I am visiting my momma in Texas and I thought of you! I wanted to pop in and wish you a very happy holidays and a beautiful New Year. THIS IS YOUR YEAR! I believe it. Sending big hugs. XO

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  3. Christmas was great, Erika! I hope yours was good too. We had lots of food and family at my Grandma’s and mom’s house. I also went to Christmas mass with my son. It was beautiful πŸ™‚ We spent Christmas Eve with my boyfriend’s family. Thank you for your friendship and being a part of my blogging family. β€πŸ€—

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  4. It was, Ritu! My sister and brother-in-law came from Houston, my uncle and aunt moved back from Los Angeles to El Paso so they were with us. We had lots of food. Me and my son went to Christmas mass. What more could I ask for? I hope yours was good too!


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