Hello Everyone!


Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I know I haven’t been around lately. I moved and I’m looking for a full or part-time job. I’ve also been going to Juarez, Mexico. I had to go over there this afternoon. Unfortunately, the drug cartel violence is getting really bad again but… I still have to continue going to the doctor. I really trust this doctor. He’s been one of the best doctors I’ve had in my life. He’s compassionate but doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Sometimes he tells me what I don’t want to hear. I feel like several American doctors are just in it for the money. To say I’m disappointed with American healthcare is beyond an understatement. I got so tired of being treated like a number here in El Paso and Albuquerque. I’m not a robot either! 

Unfortunately, there were more than 700 Juarez homicides in 2017. I pray every time we cross the bridge that we’re safe from violence at all times. Besides being ripped off once or twice by a taxi driver, we’ve been OK every time we’ve crossed over. People from Juarez and El Paso have been killed in the last few weeks. Many are just caught up in the line of fire, meaning they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ll be having more doctor’s appointments in February. I hope we can eventually stop going over there within the next couple of months. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you might remember me having surgery in September. My doctor wants to make sure everything is OK so I’m getting checkups on a regular basis. 

Since so much is going on, I haven’t really felt like the words are coming to me naturally. I still have a couple of guest posts to share with you. After some of this passes, I should be able to start blogging on a more regular basis. Thank you for your continued support. I’ll be sharing a guest post in the next few days. I might also start up Romantic Tuesday again in the very near future. Take care everyone!  

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  1. Wow, Lisa, this is a lot to be dealing with at once. I am always praying for ya, please stay safe. I pray nothing but blessings for you in this year to come! Thank you for the candid post.

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  2. Thank you Kerry! I’m supposed to start next month. It’s very sad things are getting bad in Mexico! I’ve read it’s getting bad because of El Chapo going to jail. The cartels are fighting for power. I saw your blog post about Mexico. I would love to go to Mexico City and where my great grandparents were from, Michoacan. Hopefully someday! Take care! ❤🤗

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  3. I have been thinking of you and your medical treatment. I just returned from Merida which is one of the safest cities in Mexico but I read that violence has increased in many places in Mexico mostly because the gangs are responding to OUR demand for heroin! Be safe and I will pray for you.

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  4. Hi sister! The violence has been there for quite some time. It wasn’t as bad when I first started going in May. Unfortunately it’s been getting worse lately. Hopefully I can stop going in the next few weeks.

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  5. Hi, dear sister! I am glad all those events are behind you and that you found a doctor you finally feel comfortable with. Sometimes I think this is already part of the healing. That sounds like part of an action movie what you are telling us about your travel experience. I don’t think I would dare to cross that border!

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