Are you Psychic?

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Contributed Post by Jane Sandwood

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there are many things in the world we can’t explain. According to CBS News, 57% percent of Americans believe in psychics. If that includes you, read on for signs on how to spot psychic talent and develop it if you have it. 

Signs you could be psychic

Some people believe that everyone has some level of psychic ability and others think talent only belongs to a minority. Regardless, when psychic ability begins to present itself, it can be exciting for some and scary for others. There are signs that your psychic talent is emerging that you can watch out for.

  1. For many, the first sign is a surprising one: the first symptom that  psychic ability is emerging is a feeling of something brushing against your skin when nothing is there. This can be the first sign of a spirit trying to contact you. 
  2. One of the main reasons employ mediums, is to contact the spirits of the deceased. When psychic talent is emerging, deceased loved ones may come to you in dreams with messages.
  3. Psychics usually have premonitions of something that will happen in the future, from hunches to detailed visions. If your predictions are coming true it could be a sign your powers are developing.

How to develop your psychic ability

If you believe you have innate talent, there are ways to develop psychic ability. Here are a few:

  1. Write down your hunches and predictions and look back to see which ones came true. This way you will learn to recognize which are true and which are duds. 
  2. Practice leads to progress so test yourself in your daily life. When someone calls you, see if you can tell who it is without checking the caller ID. 
  3. Clear your mind using meditation and other calming techniques. If your mind is cluttered and frantic, your powers won’t have space to develop. 

No one should be pressured into developing their psychic ability. However, if you choose to do so, psychics can be very useful in society. Professional mediums can bring solace to grieving people by contacting dead loved ones and tarot readers can give valuable insights and advice. Even if you have zero intentions of ‘going pro,’ developing your powers could enable you to give good advice and comfort to your friends and family, as well guiding yourself on the right path.

About the Author

Jane Sandwood has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years. She has written for both digital and print across a wide variety of fields. Her main interest is exploring how people can improve their health and well being in their everyday life. And when she isn’t writing, Jane can often be found with her nose in a good book, at the gym or just spending quality time with her family.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


  1. Thank you for this, I am becoming more and more psychic by day. Once I met a guy ( we were at a training site together) and had a vision about an attack, then, didn’t see him for a while, when I asked about him, they told me that he was attacked. Wow, I saw what was going to happen to him and dismissed it. I trust my sight fully now!

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  2. Thank you! I know that I’m psychic but I think I’m starting to develop mediumship abilities. I had a person come to me asking for protection the day before he died. Still can’t figure that one out.


  3. Firstly excellent article. We are all psychic we are born with the gift just some do not tap into this ability. I have many posts on the subjects and learning from empathy to clairvoyance.

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  4. I am a Psychic, and I invite you to review my blog. I am uploading my experience now to help people be more aware of the reality of Psychic life. I am also looking to write a book. The book is about the gritty reality of Psychic life on the West Coast. It explores my journey of redemption from drug addiction and incarceration to freedom. It chronicles the romance of two Psychic people through careers, drug addiction, psychic awareness, incarceration and finally release. Think “Pulp Fiction” meets “Twilight”, with a twist of “Oz”.


  5. No, it only hurt when it increased in size. The doctors wanted to remove it because it is large (with the potential to become cancerous) but they would have to deflate a lung to do so. Too risky. I call her Pumpkin and we live together happily. I have cysts all over my body…


  6. I am psychic but I mostly predict deaths or cancer. Recently I had a premonition of my own death with some sort of lung problem. The only good thing about it is my ability to empathize.

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  7. Haha… got me! I have to concentrate on it… not a good idea while the tv is on on one side and trying to reply to comments and reading posts at 10 pm on the other side… haha!

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  8. Wow, that’s interesting Erika! I remember you saying you were really close to him. Sometimes I just feel lucky with contests, the lottery, gambling in general. Not sure if this counts as a psychic ability. Lol.

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  9. Unfortunately I had such visions too. I lost a bit of the ability until I was close to 20. Then it was about to come back when my grandpa died. I often dreamed of him. He visited me and it felt so real!! It was awesome and I got his messages totally! I even could feel and embrace him and tell him things I couldn’t tell him before he died. Some things I even did not even have to say. We just knew. That was the beginning of me practicing my psychic skills. It was a great help to “align” when I had one-to-one sessions with clients! I often got help from the spiritual world.

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  10. Really? Was it good or bad things? My boyfriend and others have told me they dreamt of a loved one dying. It unfortunately happened in the next few days. That’s kind of scary! They say us women in general have good intuition. Thank you for reading it, Erika! ❤🤗

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  11. Great post! As a teenager, I had many experiences with dreams or visions which came true. I was scared at times but later I trained that and connected more to my inner being/spirit which doesn’t need words to communicate. We only need the feeling… our heart knows much more ways to express than any language can do.

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