#RomanticTuesday 1-30-18

wp-1496732827549.Hi everyone! I hope all is well for you! I’m still looking for a job and spending more time with family these days. Since I haven’t been working, I’ve been on Facebook more often. I’ve been selling things I don’t need anymore like purses, clothes, etc. I think I’m sort of addicted to it. My mom also helps me out with it. I’ve made a few new friends through selling on Facebook. I guess you can say I get some repeat customers. Do any of you sell in Facebook groups? Even though I have fun on Facebook, trust me when I say I won’t stop doing this blog. I’ve actually considered it but then I think about all of the friends I’ve made worldwide, and the events I’ve been invited to. I would miss blogging too much! It’s almost three years of blogging for me. Anyway getting to the music…

Today I’m sharing an old school song I recently heard while I was driving across town. I had the wonderful opportunity to see Earth, Wind and Fire live a couple of years ago. It’s was one of the best concerts I’ve attended. I’ve written about EW&F a couple of times here. “Fantasy” became an international hit in 1977. It’s been covered and sampled many times throughout the years. “Fantasy” took just three months to be written and composed by band members Maurice White and Verdine White. The song earned a Grammy nomination for best R&B song. Have a great day and week, everyone! I have more posts to share with you soon.


  1. Thanks Erika! ❤ I know you’re usually on Twitter. I haven’t been on it as much. Once I start working, I probably won’t have as much time for Facebook.


  2. They are truly a great band! I like your choice, Lisa! One of my favorite songs of theirs.
    I never sold something over FB. I am rarely on FB… simply too little time to keep up with it.

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