Vacationing in Austin & Surrounding Areas

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been well! Sorry if you were starting to read another version of this post! Ugh! I wasn’t ready to publish it but it got published anyway. WP has been giving me problems ALL morning and afternoon! I had to redo some parts of this post. Anyone else have issues with it?

We (me and my boyfriend) recently came back from visiting Austin, Texas and a couple of nearby towns. We ate a lot and had fun exploring. Blah…so much for starting a diet and going on vacation! Unfortunately, the diet went out the window for a few days! We couldn’t go to Austin without eating barbecue. Austin has the best barbecue I’ve ever tasted! The brisket and turkey I had was so savory and tasty! Sorry El Paso but you need to step up your game when it comes to cooking bbq but…I think we have the best authentic Mexican food in the U.S.! I’ll tell you more about what places we went to in Austin later. Anyway…     

We stayed in the German town, Fredricksburg  our first night there. It was founded in 1846 by Baron von Meusebach. The town has lots of historical shops, buildings and memorials. I’m a history buff so I enjoyed seeing all of this. This was the first time I’ve been there. We didn’t do much the first night we got there. We relaxed and ate at the steakhouse chain, K-Bob’s. There used to be one in El Paso but it shut down some years back.

The next morning, we had some tea and walked around the shops and historical buildings. Besides looking at everything, another good thing about Fredricksburg is the people. Most of the people were friendly. There were a few grouchy people but I didn’t let that ruin my day. 🙂 Here’s a few photos I took there. I think I should’ve taken more but oh well!

20180224_112217 We took a walk by the town’s library, Pioneer Memorial Library. It reminds me of an old haunted house. It’s listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A Chase Bank was in this building

Another place I also wanted to visit was St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Here’s a few photos I took inside. The church was started by German immigrants in 1846. It’s beautiful inside and out.




After coming back from Austin, we decided to make another stop in Fredericksburg. Although I really wanted German food, my boyfriend didn’t. I got really upset at him because there really isn’t any good German food here. Instead, we ended up eating pizza. I forgot what the name of the place was but it wasn’t that good. The waitresses were also rude. If you like wine, there’s LOTS of wineries here and in Hill Country in general. I enjoyed the wine most from Fiesta Winery. I liked it the most because it was smooth and really sweet. We had some wine from some other places but it was too dry and/or strong. Take care everyone!     


  1. What a fun time!!! My husband and I have wanted to visit Austin for forever, and this just made me want to go even more!!! I’m glad you were able to get some time away 🙂

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  2. It sounds like a fun Vacation, Lisa. You’re right. El Paso does offer some great Mexican food. I miss bbq. Sigh. If it ain’t organic and a vegetable it isn’t recognized as food by my partner. Looks like you had fun and got some great pictures.

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  3. Thank you Kerry 🙂 Oh they knew I wasn’t local! Lol. They told me to have a nice visit there. Maybe they think Latinas are exotic? Lol. It must suck to be from a tiny town like that where everyone pretty much knows everyone.

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  4. Lovely shots of the area and church. So sorry that you have encountered rude people! It is because everyone is so especially nice in El Paso! When I last went to Fredericksburg, people kept stopping me and asking me if I was local. Apparently all Germans look like Irish Mexican Vikings!

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