International’s Women’s Day


Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I haven’t forgotten about writing about my trip to Austin. I’m still working on it. It’s coming up 🙂 Lol. Talk about procrastination on that one! I’m still looking for jobs but no luck yet. Today is International Women’s Day. I almost forgot but a good friend reminded me about it earlier. When I did a search on the topic, women worldwide rallied against gender inequality and sexual discrimination. We’re also celebrating the many contributions women made over the years. One McDonalds in California even flipped their sign over to honor women’s contributions.

I spent time working in my new garden this afternoon. I’ll take a photo or two once the flowers bloom. Hopefully they come out! Lately, I’ve also been watching “This is Us” a lot. My boyfriend got me an Amazon Firestick and I’m hooked on it! I didn’t want to believe all of the hype at first. It’s a GREAT show! It talks about a lot of issues this world constantly faces like…racism, miscarriage and many other topics. I highly recommend it. I definitely consider it a binge worthy show! I forgot to mention…the entire month of March is also dedicated to women. What have you been up to? Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon!

Photo from Google Search      


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