Racism, Separating Families…

Hi everyone! Where do I begin? I really don’t know anymore but I will just go ahead and say it. I think the United States is in shambles. I try not to keep up with the news all day but it’s hard not to. All I see is bad news on Twitter and Facebook these days. It’s no longer about keeping in touch with loved ones. The Trump Administration is running this country into the ground in more ways than one!

Under Trump, racism seems to be the norm. In the last few weeks, I don’t think there’s been a day when I don’t see a nasty video against Blacks, Latinos, Asians or other minorities. This morning I read a story in the Washington Post about a Black woman being asked by a white man if she showered before entering the swimming pool at a Westin in Pasadena, California. The Westin staff is a huge disappointment. They did nothing for the innocent woman and her daughter. The manager tried telling Carle Wheeler to shut up and leave their establishment! They turned their backs on them and acted like nothing happened! Many people are protesting against the hotel chain on Facebook.

Blacks are still being called the N word, Latinos are still being called ‘spicks’ and other derogatory terms, etc. Why are we reverting back a few decades? Shouldn’t we be improving our quality of life? There’s been some nights when I don’t even sleep well. All I can think about is how much a lot of humanity is failing. Racism has been around for a very long time but it now seems to be OK. Being a Mexican-American, I have experienced racism in the U.S. and Mexico. Some don’t like you because you speak English and others because you speak Spanish.

We have to keep using our voices to speak out against racism and whatever else we disagree on in this life! We need to continue teaching our children to be accepting of others. Hate is learned at home. Babies are not born into this world with hate in their hearts. We also need to continue educating ourselves through reading.

Allowing children to be housed in tents without their parents in the hot desert also hurts me. These children are being housed one hour away from El Paso in Tornillo, Texas. I hate to see these innocent children being taken away from their parents. Being from a border town, illegal immigration is something I hear about regularly. I hear about families constantly being separated by the border in El Paso and Juarez. They typically see each other at one of the U.S.- Mexico bridges. Just yesterday, six Mexican residents were granted political asylum at the International Bridge in central El Paso. Six? I wish it was more than that! A march is being organized by Texas Senate hopeful Beto O’ Rourke. It’s scheduled for Sunday morning.


  1. I completely agree with all of your points Lisa. I’m heartsick at the direction America seems to be going. I think many of us were hopeful when Obama was elected in 2008 that perhaps this country had finally evolved to a new society where racism was truly on the decline. Alas, it turned out we were naive. Racism and xenophobia is very much alive and well. Trump and his ilk have only pulled back the covers to expose just how pervasive it is, then poured gasoline on it and lit the match.

    I too have lost some friends. I understand how and why many would have voted for Trump (my own sister included), believing a lot of what he said in the campaign was just rhetoric, and he would become ‘presidential’ once in office. We now know the venal behavior he displayed during the campaign is really who he is (I’ve always thought him nothing but an egotistical, self-promoting blowhard since I first learned about him back in the 80s). I cannot understand how anyone with a right mind can still support him. I have zero respect for those people, and cannot be friends with them, knowing they support an evil, corrupt, racist monster.

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  2. Trump usually denies everything anyway. He likes to blame it on everyone else…especially the Democrats. It’s always fake news. He wants us Americans to bow down to him like they do for Kim in North Korea. Who knows if he was joking or not when he said that. He is out of his mind! Thank you for your comment.

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  3. It’s disappointing that no one really pinned 45 down on a definition or plan for MAGA and what his “Mission Accomplished” moment would be. Sadly, “again” seems to be some vague notion of a pre-Selma America and it’s disgusting to consider a five decade step backward. Particularly offensive when it’s being led by someone who is on his third marriage, 2/3 of his wives being non-American…
    Unfortunately, the press didn’t start really holding him accountable – Fox & Friends excluded, of course – until after his dumpster fire of an administration was halfway down the hill and fully out of control. I remember thinking how bizarre it was, the deference the press showed to him by not standing up to him and saying, “That’s not true” or even “That’s incorrect” when it was first happening.
    But it looks like North Korea is pretty great, you never hear about illegal immigration there…maybe that’s the MAGA role model.

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  4. Oh yes, I have known Trump is bad since he was running for president. I haven’t liked him since he was starring in his own TV show, “The Apprentice.” It might have even been before that. I appreciate your comment. Thank you!

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  5. Hi James! Thank you for your comment and for reading my post. Racism has been around for a very long time. What’s really upsetting is that many people think they now have a free pass to disrespect others with it. I’m glad racism isn’t an issue in your area.

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