How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors Through These Home Cleaning Hacks


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Now that you have your ideal hardwood floors, thanks to Wraps Studio, it’s time to learn how to take care of them properly. Hardwood floors will literally last you for decades, as long as you clean them right and aren’t afraid to refinish them when necessary. These wood floors dallas are less complicated to clean that you think. With that said, there are some clear things that you shouldn’t do to them. We’ll clear up the mystery here.

Clean Your Floors A Few Times A Week

Did you know that the dirt particles and other bits of microscopic debris that appear on your floor can actually scratch it? These particles are as abrasive as sandpaper and will cause quite a bit of damage. The best way to get rid of them is by sweeping your floors with a canister vacuum several times a week.


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Don’t Use Too Much Water When Washing Your Floor

Since hardwood floors are made of an all-natural material, they are prone to soaking up moisture. If you use too much water when doing a deep clean, you can damage them. The water will cause them to warp and crack. The best thing to do is add a Ph-neutral cleanser to some water, and then run a wrung out mop over the floor. Don’t apply so much water that puddles are left over. If you do see a puddle when you’re done cleaning your  wood floors dallas, wipe it up immediately.

Watch Out For Stains

Certain acidic beverages like coffee, tea, soda pop, and even certain juices can stain your floors. If any of them spill, grab a soft towel and mop them up. Don’t wait for the liquid to dry, as it can sink into your floorboards. These liquids may not be enough for the floor to warp or crack, but it will definitely stain.

Know When To Have Your Floors Refinished 

If you find yourself using high-shine compounds on your floor regularly, then it’s time to have them refinished. You don’t absolutely need to do this – some people like the all-natural worn patina – but if you prefer shiny wood floors, then contact Wraps Studio about getting them refinished. While you might think that you can do this refinishing yourself, you’re really better off hiring a professional.

Understand What Not To Do

There are just as many things that you shouldn’t do to your wood floors. Don’t use vinegar, oil soap, ammonia, or citrus products on your floors. These are all hacks that have been spread around on the internet, with the downside that they end up ruining the finish on your floor. Some leave behind harmful compounds, while others can eat into the boards and damage them. You also don’t want to walk on your floors in high heels. The heels can leave dents and divots in the softer sections of the boards.

If you truly want your wooden floors to remain nice, then follow the advice given here.

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