Keto diet, anyone?


Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I haven’t been around for a week. I’m on assignment with two local publications which is great! Are you watching the World Cup? I’ve been watching it here and there. Since the U.S. isn’t in it, I’m going for Mexico. They play Brazil this morning. I’m not sure how they’ll do. They beat Germany so anything is possible! 

Last week I started the Keto diet. I’m on day eight. I’m looking to lose 15-20 pounds so I decided to try it with moderate exercise. Even though it’s been hard, I’m down five pounds. It’s been VERY hard giving up sugar and carbs! I’m missing bread, potatoes, sweets and soda a lot! It’s weird eating a hamburger without the bun, fries or ketchup! It’s also weird eating a lettuce taco! Bye bye tortillas and rice! No beans for right now either. Luckily I’ve been able to avoid all of this…so far. I’m thinking about including Keto recipes here and there in the blog. This diet hasn’t always been fun, especially the first couple of days. I was extremely tired and had headaches. It seems to be getting better everyday. I feel like I have more energy and sleep a lot better. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Keto, it’s a high fat and protein diet that includes very few carbohydrates. The body forces the body to burn fats rather than carbs. Keto is used as a dietary therapy for epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, inflammation and others. It can reverse type 2 diabetes. I’m trying keto to reduce inflammation, regulate my cycles and lose weight. Some say it’s a good diet while others say it’s bad. I don’t see how getting rid of sugar and most carbs is bad. I don’t think a few carbs once in awhile are bad. I have to eliminate this stuff for awhile.

Some of the things I’ve been eating throughout the eight days include: eggs, beef, chicken, bacon, salads with lots of lettuce, roma or cherry tomatoes (some say cherry tomatoes have too many carbs but TOO bad I am keeping them!), olives, cheese, strawberries, organic ranch dressing, butter, blueberries, asparagus, plums, cream cheese (no low-fat anything), mushrooms, Greek yogurt without sugar (I add strawberries or blueberries in it because I can’t stand the taste of it by itself), I cook with olive oil instead of vegetable or canola oil, cottage cheese, almonds, pork rinds, tuna and sunflower seeds. I drink water with lemon or decaffeinated tea with all meals. One of my favorite snacks is cream cheese with strawberries. I’m avoiding caffeine for as long as I can. Caffeine is said to cause bloating and inflammation. I go on walks to the park near my house but plan on going back to the gym this week. Have you tried this diet before? If so, what was it like for you? Have a great day everyone and I’ll see you soon!  

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  1. […] Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I’m a little bit under the weather but it isn’t anything too serious. I’ve had an ear infection for a couple of days so I’ve been taking it easy. I’ll be catching up on reading blogs in the next few days. I wanted to tell you about the keto lifestyle and how it’s going for me. I blogged about it a few weeks back. If you don’t remember the post, you can check it out here. […]


  2. I love potatoes too! The great thing about lots of Asians is that they never age either! Yeah, Americans eat lots of junk food! Processed foods are also a no no on this diet.

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  3. I’ve had cauliflower fixed like rice and mashed potatoes and they were OK, but real rice and mashed potatoes are still better. Regarding rice, I think of all the Asians who eat it every day and are still mostly thin. But they also eat lots of fish and vegetables, and probably not a lot of the junk food many Americans eat.

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  4. I know what you mean about giving up the rice and tortillas, Jeff! I love them too! Keto is also supposed to help with high blood pressure and blood sugar. They sell cauliflower that’s similar to rice. I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t know if I want to yet. Lol. There’s ways of making bread but I haven’t tried yet. Maybe there’s a way of making tortillas too.

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  5. Good luck with your diet Lisa. I LOVE carbs – especially rice and tortillas – so giving them up entirely just isn’t a possibility for me, unless I was facing a health crisis. I too need to lose weight and get my blood pressure and blood sugar levels down, but it’s so darn hard.

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