Movie Review: ‘Death Kiss’ (2018)

Death Kiss

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I recently had the chance to watch “Death Kiss.” It was written and directed by Oakland, Calif. native Rene Perez. So far, he’s also directed the movie, “Playing with Dolls: Havoc.” He’s also a music composer known as “The Darkest Machines.” As a child, Perez wrote and drew comic books.

“Death Kiss” is an action-packed movie so I knew I wanted to watch it and I’m glad I did. It’s a lower budget, independent film but has a pretty good story line. Robert ‘Bronzi’ Kovacs plays a vigilante with a mysterious past. He goes to a crime infested city and takes the law into his own hands. He kills and beats up drug dealers and rapists throughout the movie. He also helps and protects a young mother and her daughter, who’s paralyzed. You eventually find out why Kovacs protects them so much. He gives the mother money so that she can buy a home and take care of her daughter. Because “Death Kiss” was filmed in Northern California, it has nice cinematography in the forest and other beautiful locations. The soundtrack takes one back to the 80’s and maybe as far back as the 70’s. The music has a retro, electronic sound to it. Because of the bright red blood in several scenes, “Death Kiss” sort of reminds me of a Quentin Tarantino film. This one is definitely not for the kiddos. 

Death Kiss Movie_24_26_20.Still187

Daniel Baldwin, Richard Tyson (“Kindergarten Cop”), Eva Hamilton, Stormi Maya, Leia Perez, Reese Austyn and Sam Story star in “Death Kiss.” “Death Kiss” will be available on VOD (Video on Demand) Oct. 2. The DVD, which will include commentary from Perez, will be available on Dec. 4.

Death Kiss Movie_06_21_11.Still140
Robert Kovacs

Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon! 

Photos from Uncork’d Entertainment



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