Trump is coming to El Paso, etc.


Hi everyone! Is anyone still around? ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel like a failure when it comes to blogging these days. I need to get with it! I’m doing well and I hope you are too! I’ve been working double shifts a lot these days. I’ll be going to Knoxville, Tennessee next week for training for a new job. I’ll be working two jobs pretty soon. I took a break but plan to update the blog more often. I’ve been reading blogs here and there but not as much as I should. I hope you’re staying warm, especially those of you in the Midwest and east coast states.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you may know our ‘wonderful’ president, Donald Trump is coming to El Paso on Monday evening. You may have also heard what he said about El Paso in his State of the Union address recently. According to him, we are unsafe and dangerous. We are safer with a border fence. To be honest, my worst nightmare is coming true. I’ve dreamt he would come to El Paso someday. It was almost like I was stuck in a Simpsons episode during that dream. Me and many other people don’t want him here spewing his propaganda about illegal immigration, a wall, etc. I don’t have time to attend because I’ll be working. If I wasn’t working, I would be there protesting his arrival. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Donald Trump baby blimp. Some nearby schools and businesses are closing for the day or early due to his arrival. I’m not going to lie, there’s crime and shootings here but not like in other cities. I can’t say I’ve ever felt unsafe in my 28 years of living here. Trump is trying to say all of this crime is because of illegal immigrants coming into El Paso. If we are so unsafe, why have we been voted one of the safest cities in the nation for the third year straight? I’ll speak for myself and many El Pasoans…we don’t want you here spreading lies, Trump. Go back to golfing or actually working for a change. Just about everything that comes out of your mouth is lies and fake news. How DARE you say El Paso is unsafe? El Paso is filled with some of the nicest and friendliest people. The most dangerous things here are I-10 and sometimes Chico’s Tacos when it upsets your stomach. Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Yes Kerry! People from El Paso are suing him. I don’t know if it will do any good…My plane stopped in Houston. My flight was delayed there coming back because it was raining.

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  2. I want to echo everything you said, Lisa. How dare he criticize the safest city for hundreds of miles??? He knows nothing about the long Tejano culture in the whole state let alone the beautiful bilingual El Paso.
    PS Have fun in Knoxville…๐Ÿ˜˜

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  3. I just laugh whenever I hear him speak. I really hope he’s only the president for four years, less would be even better. I feel like the Democrats need more viable candidates or else he’ll win again in 2020. There’s a lot that want to run but the question is, are they strong enough? I like Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden but I don’t know if they’re good enough for others to think so. I hear Elizabeth Warren is also running and several others. I don’t think I really like her. O’Rourke is from El Paso so I know what he’s done and what he stands for. I was disappointed he didn’t beat Ted Cruz. Since Texas is a red state, I wasn’t that surprised.


  4. Lisa, to answer your question, I try to avoid watching him live, as I get frustrated with the untruthfulness and demeaning of others. I would prefer to read what he said or watch a summary. I often write to Senators and speak with their staffers. My key questions are “what will it take for you to condemn this President?” and “Is this the man you want to spend your dear reputation on?”

    The GOP Senators know the President is untrustworthy and the damage he is doing to our reputation around the globe. Yet, they are scared of him and his aroused base of voters. We have seen a little more push back after General Mattis resigned and Roger Stone was indicted. Yet, we cannot shrink to greatness by ceding our global leadership role and beating up on our allies. Relationships matter – we cannot lead with fear or transactional thinking, which is how the President approaches many things.

    Future historians will not remember this President well. I just hope it is a four year tenure, at most, so we can stop the bleeding. This year we will see a softening economy, after over ten years of growth, debt just passing $22 trillion on its way to $23 trillion, and more on his very likely criminal and unethical behavior will unfold with Mueller and further investigations. Then, my former party leadership will be running for cover.


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  5. Hi Keith. Wow, I didn’t know about the BBC reporter! I know he is a liar and master manipulator, a narcissist. Whenever it doesn’t suit him, it’s fake news. He even lied about how many people attended his rally here last night. The fire department and an editor from the El Paso Times (a former employer of mine) called him out on social media. The place he went to is a small venue. He seems to flip flop on whatever he says often. Did you catch any of the rally? I saw a little bit of it. I was at work.

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  6. We all have a right to an opinion. I’m a very open minded person so it’s fine to express your feelings here. I don’t believe Donald Trump is honest. He was in El Paso last night. He wasn’t even truthful about how many people attended his rally here. He says things he shouldn’t very often. I know we had problems before him but to me it seems like it’s getting worse. He wants to help the wealthy the most and I understand why. It turns out he might have also lied about the election too, the whole Russia involvement/investigation. You can get away with so much if you have money. I am against the wall. I feel like funding could be better spent elsewhere. People come into this country illegally through expired visas, other ways. I have seen it firsthand. A wall isn’t going to stop this. There’s tons of other things I disagree on when it comes to Trump.

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  7. Lisa, it looks like you survived the two pep rallies, although a BBC reporter was roughed up pretty badly by a Trump supporter. What the person supporting the MAGA caps fails to realize as he shouted “eff the media” as he roughed up the man, is the biggest purveyor of fake news is behind the podium. When I see his supporters say how honest the President, it is terribly sad for me. His five biographers and ghost writer of “The Art of the Deal'” each said Trump has a hard time with the truth. Thomas Wells, an attorney, who worked for Trump said “Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.”

    Politifacts has him being untruthful 69% of the time, increasing to 75% of the time at rallies. And, when his attorney John Dowd resigned as Trump was not taking his advice, he was worried that his boss was an “effing liar.” He used the actual word. When his former economic advisor, Gary Cohn witnessed him lying about something Trump said he did not say to the Australian PM, he called him a “prodigious liar.”

    What concerns me greatly, is when he sets policies off of his lies. So, when people say how truthful he is, I want them to remember what this independent voter (and former GOP and Dem) wrote above. Trump is a successful sales person, but he will only use the truth if it works in his favor. It saddens me to say that start out with not believing a word the President says – the odds are well in my favor.


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  8. Hello Lisa I would love to explaine my point of view when it come to President Trump, but I don’t want to start a massive political debate on your blog. I respect you and your blog and do not wish to create a mess. If this happens feel free to delete my comment.
    Our country was divided long before President Trump was elected. Until the system is repaired it will remain that way. I like President Trump because he is confident and he is honest. He will look you in the eyes and tell you exactly what he thinks, he’s not part of the political arena. He will not play their games and he will not be bought. He is a successful business man and knows how to run a large company. America is a business. Now people say “But he’s gone bankrupt”. Yes he has but he has always picked himself up and made a come back.He is not afraid to fail, and doesn’t quit when he does. Given time he will do good things for this country.
    I will say I didn’t vote for the man because I don’t often vote. The last election I participated in was to make marijuana legal in my state. That is the only thing I voted for.
    I don’t vote because our political system is broken. A two party system doesn’t work and never has. Forcing people to choose the lesser of two evils is not a choice at all. But, the argument can be made that there are other choices. Perhaps, but these other parties don’t have a chance in our current system. Did you know that votes cast for the other parties are given to whomever is winning the election? Our votes do not count, the electoral college chooses the winner of the election. The popular vote is a sham designed for the sole purpose of make the american citizens believe we are a free country. We are not free and never have been.

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  9. I agree, Keith. Very well said. He just wants the border wall for profit. There is no need for it. It’s been around here for ages already. It’s not exactly what he wants but it’s here. Like you said, he should focus on more important issues. He has even hired illegal immigrants at his resort and hotels in the past. El Paso depends on Mexican shoppers/workers a lot. People from Juarez take a lot of jobs here and shop. We go over there for healthcare and other goods because it’s less expensive. They warn us not to go over there because of the violence but we don’t have a choice sometimes.

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  10. Lisa, the truth will rarely get in the way of a Trump story. He has been selling this border wall on fear and not many facts. Immigration is an issue that needs to be fixed in a thoughtful, data centric and compassionate way, but we don’t have a crisis on the border.

    It would be nice to talk about the ill-conceived tariffs causing more far more farm bankruptcies than the previous year, or addressing global warming with more renewables and conservation, or reducing our debt, or dealing with a slowing global economy which will hit home this year….

    A proud moment for Texas is it is the nation’s leader in wind energy with over 16% of its electricity provided by that source. It might be good to say how immigration is accretive to the Texas and US economy. But, that would be the truth and has no place at a Trump rally.


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  11. Hi. I am sorry about your mother. I can’t imagine how hard it is/was. I don’t agree with the U.S. needing him. Our country is divided right now because of him and many other things that are happening right now. There has already been a border wall/fence here in El Paso. This is nothing new. Everyone has their opinion though. If you have time, can you please explain your views? Thank you for stopping by.

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  12. don’t forget to wear you MAGA hat when you protest.

    Hmmm. the thought of you being angry and protesting. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm! that’s kinda spicy and sassy. Take pics ๐Ÿ™‚

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  13. Hello, I haven’t been reading and commenting as much since my Mother was ill and transitioned. It seems I have some catching up to do with your blog. I would love to meet the President. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t vote for him. I don’t vote at all; but that is a different story. Per haps a blog topic!! I do, however think he is just what we need. I will try to get caught up on your blog. Have a blessed day Lisa.

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