MC Magic, Lil Rob talk about tour, new song, etc.

Cuco, MC Magic and Lil Rob. Photo by Zoe Aparicio

Hi everyone! I hope all is well! Today I had the opportunity to speak to Chicano musicians MC Magic and Lil Rob. They spoke about their upcoming 14-city nationwide tour and their latest collaboration/song, “Search” with Cuco (Omar Banos). Cuco, 20 is an up and coming Chicano singer who recently signed a record deal with Interscope Records. The Los Angeles (Hawthorne) native is making big waves in the music scene these days. “Search” is being released online on Thursday, March 14. 

The NB Ridaz Reunion tour kicks off Friday, March 15 at the 2019 Pot of Gold Festival in Phoenix. MC Magic told Digital Journal he discovered Cuco from a video his manager sent him last year. He immediately wanted to collaborate with him. Lil Rob and MC Magic collabs go WAY back to the 90’s. I’m still bumping hit jams like “Summer Nights,” and “Neighborhood Music” by Lil Rob in the car. My son enjoys the beats as well. We need to expose the kiddos to good music from the 90’s. “Lost in Love” is a classic ballad by MC Magic/NB Ridaz in Spanglish. Although I enjoy “Search” a lot, it doesn’t sound like the classics that much. There’s only a small hint of the classics. MC Magic said he’d also like to collaborate with Alicia Keys and Sade. (I LOVE both of these singers!)

MC Magic said it will be exciting to perform on the same stage as big name rappers like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Ma$e, The Game and several others in his hometown this Friday. The tour continues onto Los Angeles (March 22), Houston (May 3), Chicago (May 4), San Francisco (May 31), etc. It concludes Sept. 14 in Oxnard, Calif. Although the tour won’t be coming to El Paso (as of right now), Mc Magic and Lil Rob are no strangers to the 915. They’ve performed at several venues, car shows and at Wet N’ Wild Waterworld in nearby Anthony, Texas. I’ve had the opportunity to interview them twice during my freelance writing days. I saw Lil Rob perform at a local car show back in 2004 or 2005. It was a good time! I recall him interacting with the audience at all times. MC Magic told Digital Journal he plans to release an album this year.

He also said, “Growing up, I was always attracted to music with a profound meaning. Love may be the simplest and most complicated word at the same time. It has always been the core of what inspires me. I have also found inspiration in real life situations as well as other great songs.”

Although Lil Rob was MIA from the music scene for some years, he said he plans to become more active this year. He took a few years off to take care of his son. Both are a pleasure to speak with. If I had to describe them in one word it would be humble and kind (OK that’s two). 

I included “Search,” the pop and rap sounding ballad below. I enjoy the Spanglish in it and have to say…it’s FIRE. I wasn’t that familiar with Cuco’s sound prior to “Search” but he’s quite talented. I enjoy his smooth, sounding voice. What do you think of “Search?” Let me know in the comments. Take care everyone and see you soon!



  1. Hi Rob! Good to see you here! I enjoy this song. I don’t recall the No Mercy song. I’ll have to look it up on YouTube. I’m going to San Francisco the week of April 14. Hopefully I can see you. I’ll be in training but maybe after or before if you’re up to it.

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  2. Hi Jeff! Hope all is well for you! I’ve been working a ton! Lol. I like it too. It was nice talking to them yesterday. They come to El Paso a lot but not in this tour…but you never know!

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