Wine and work!


Hi everyone! I hope all is well! I’ve been working a lot these days but…of course you know I haven’t forgotten you! I often think about what’s going on in your life. I got to host my first Yelp event this past Sunday. I’m El Paso’s Community Ambassador for Yelp? It was sort of hush hush but I guess it’s now OK to talk about it. For my overseas (and maybe some in the U.S.?) friends, Yelp is a website and app where users can connect with businesses. They’re able to write reviews on restaurants, doctors, daycares and more. My job as El Paso’s community ambassador is: To connect local Yelpers with local businesses, encourage Yelpers to be active on the site/app, help out with Yelp’s social media, host cool Yelp events monthly, etc. There’s more to the job but that’s a sample of what I do. I’m taking it back to the 80s by hosting an 80s costume party in April. I’m excited about it! Lol.    

Some of the snacks

I started my job with Yelp last month. I’m learning quite a bit and having lots of fun. I’ve also been able to meet new people in town and even nationwide. I know I’ve sort of been quiet on the blog but trust me…I’m still alive and around. I still plan to keep updating it. I’ll be going to San Francisco for more training in April. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities so I’m excited to go. I still have my other job too. I haven’t really done anything else these days except work. I’m sharing a few photos from my first Yelp event. The event was held at the wine bar, Wine Attitude. Let’s see what else? I have a nephew coming any day now and I’m really excited about this too! What’s new in your world? Let me know in the comments. Take care everyone and I’ll see you!

Some friends/Yelpers
More friends and Yelpers
Yelp Schwag

Photos by Pasqual Perez     


  1. This is sooo exciting, Lisa! I just started leaving reviews on YELP and I wish I had much sooner because there really is such a great community. What a fun event- thank you for sharing!!


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