Hoppy Easter! :)


Hi everyone! How have you been? It feels like forever since the last time I blogged! Happy Easter! Do you have any plans for today? We’re going to church and hanging out with family. If you’ve been following me recently, you probably know I’ve been working a lot these days! I just got back from San Francisco from training this past week. I had a blast and always do when I’m out there. I went to Yelp to train for my new job as El Paso’s Community Ambassador. In case you missed that post, you can check it out here .Aside from training, I got to meet cool people and eat good food. San Francisco has so many options! I’d have to say they have some of the best food in the country. I’m sharing some pics. I took in this post. Oh…and more good news for me and my family. My nephew came into the world on April 3. He’s in Houston so I haven’t been able to meet him just yet. I hope I can take a trip out there very soon. 

Coconut drink at Zombie Village

I haven’t been doing too much these days aside from working. Lol. Since I’m with Yelp, I want to ask you…Do you use it? If yes, for what? If you’re in another country, do you have it there? Have you even heard of Yelp? There’s some people who don’t know what it is and that’s OK. Please feel free to let me know in the comments. If you’re on Instagram, please feel free to follow us. You can find us at @yelpelpaso. I know I haven’t been around too much lately but I plan to get better with it. I still plan to blog but it won’t be as often as I was doing it. Take care everyone! I’ll see you soon! I also need to catch up on reading blogs. Here’s the pics I was talking about from SF below:     

Bunny photo from Giftpundits.

Yelp Headquarters
Outside my hotel room. I stayed at the Axiom Hotel.
Yelp took us to Lao Table for lunch. This is pork spring rolls.


  1. Hi Kerry! How are you?? It’s always fun in SF! I had some bubbly tea there. It was so so. Lol. Yelp is huge in Houston! They probably have Yelp events there weekly. Not sure if it’s your thing but it’s always free! Free food, goodies, etc.


  2. Many congratulations on the new job, Lisa! You looked like you had great fun in my birth city of San Francisco (don’t like those bubbly teas…) I use Yelp quite regularly especially to find contractors. Happy Belated Easter. 🐰

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  3. Happy Easter, Lisa!! I am soooo glad you had a great time in SF 🙂 That makes me happy ❤ And yes, I have to agree- some of the best food in the country is here for sure! I have never been to Lao Table, but it looks yummy & fresh!! Thanks for sharing ! Where else did you try in SF? I am very curious!


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