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Hi everyone. I hope all is well in your world. I know it’s been months since I last updated the blog. I’m sorry. I haven’t had much to say lately. I have to write a lot for my job at Yelp. When it comes to blogging, I’ve been at a loss for words for quite sometime. I will get better at updating it.

Thanks to those bloggers who still keep in touch with me on social media. Thanks to all who have reached out in the last few days. I’ve received calls, texts and messages from friends and family around the world. Thank you for the love and checking up on me and my family. Thank God everyone of us is alright. No doubt, we are hurting so much but weren’t hurt physically.

I’m sure we all know about the tragedy/shooting that happened on August 3. It hurts my heart so much that 22 innocent lives were taken here in my city. Plus, dozens more were injured. It always hurts when I see it happen in other cities. It hurts 10 or 100 times more when it actually happens in your hometown. I can’t even explain the pain. It also hurts that this shooter targeted my people. I read his sorry excuse of a manifesto. I don’t want to talk about politics too much so I will leave it out for today. I’ll just say the president doesn’t need to be here tomorrow. He’s coming to offer his so-called condolences. It’s all bullshit because he incites/provokes hate against minorities in his speeches and rallies. People literally take his words to heart and want to hurt others, just like this 21-year-old shooter from Allen, Texas. I’m not going to name him because he doesn’t need to be glorified like he wants to be.

I know in my heart someone from El Paso wouldn’t commit this heinous crime. We’re kind and loving people. Our community is mostly friendly and accepting of others. We have to continue teaching our children to accept others who come from different cultures and backgrounds.  Hate is learned, we aren’t born doing it. I have a relative who shops at that Walmart almost every week. I had friends that were in the area but luckily got out in time. Someone in El Paso knows someone who knows someone who was there. I have friends saying they knew someone that died there. This is going to hurt us for some time. The only thing I can do now is help my community out as much as possible. I will also be at the polls in November 2020. I will do everything I can so that he doesn’t win again. Stay safe and take care, everyone. Until next time…

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  1. I definitely understand the feelings of those people. There is not much support to one of the main causes for such tragedies. It should make the responsible people think that the US is the lonely number one in the world when it comes to shootings. How many more does it need?


  2. Thank you Erika! I’m hurting still but I am ok. El Paso will get through this in time. We have a loving and helpful community. Right now a lot of people are upset because Trump is coming.

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  3. I was happy to see your update at Facebook, where you wrote, that you were okay Lisa.

    All those shootings should be possible to avoid, but the despot is not interested, only in money and votes.
    We must hope for a better one next time.

    Take good care of yourself.

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  4. Hi Lisa. I just wrote a comment on one of your other posts about this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of El Paso, one of the friendliest cities I have ever visited. K x

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  5. Absolutely Keith. I am sort of ok with having a small gun but not an AK 47. People shouldn’t be allowed to have such quick access to one. I honestly don’t think they will do anything to regulate guns anytime soon. This keeps on happening and all they say is prayers. I am ok with prayers but what gives? I will check out your post. Thank you for stopping by.


  6. Thanks Lisa. My heart goes out to all. The fact this person drove 600+ miles to kill specific people is atrocious. We must condemn hate speech and hate crimes. And, we must do something to improve gun governance. I reprinted an editorial from a posthumous gun owner who wrote after the New Zealand mass shooting what he sees as needed as a start. Keith

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