Things to do/watch during Quarantine

Hi everyone! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy. I also hope you aren’t too bored at home. Even though I’m still working on certain days of the week, I still get bored when I’m not. For now, I’ll be writing one post a week here. They’ll be out on Saturdays. I hope to contribute more in time. I wanted to leave you with a list of things to do (and watch) in case boredom strikes. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments. Here are some things to do below:

*Go to the Opera* Do you like the opera? I don’t but I know a lot of people do. The Metropolitan Opera in New York City is streaming shows every night. For more info., you can go here.

*Watch a YouTube show from the Kennedy Center in Washington DC* The Kennedy Center uploads shows daily on their YouTube channel. Some cool shows imo? Dave Chapelle, John Legend, Sting and even Will Ferrell! You can check them out here.

*Visit a museum virtually* Google has included various museums from around the world like The Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City, The Art Institute in Chicago, The Smithsonian and several others. You can view the collections here.

*Twenty years of Coachella* This week would’ve been the week of the live concerts in the desert. Instead, we can watch a documentary about it on YouTube. It was rescheduled for October.

*Use Hoopla* If you’re in the U.S. and have a libray card, this streaming service is for you! I promise there’s something for everyone here. You can watch movies, TV shows, read e-books and more for FREE! It allows you to check out up to six titles per month. The boyfriend and I watched “Rick and Morty” the other day.

*Read fellow blogger’s Ritu’s latest book* If you want to support a fellow blogger and friend, I recommend “Marriage Unarranged.” I’m not quite finished with the e-book just yet but I’m enjoying the chick lit read so far! Ritu was recently interviewed on Talk Radio in London. If you have the time (which I’m sure you do), check out her interview and more deets on her book right here. Way to go Ritu! 🙂 Speaking of books…right now is a good time to…

*Write a book* It seems like we all have the time in the world some or most days! Right now is the perfect time to take advantage to brainstorm ideas and or just write in general!

*Support a local business* Let’s order a meal for delivery or takeout from somewhere local. They’re strugging during this time so it’s a great time to support them whenever possible.

*Buy a meal for an essential employee* Have a meal or treat delivered to a local hospital or nursing home. The essential employees will truly appreciate it. Some are unable to leave for a lunch break because they’re working hard. If that isn’t possible, get the kiddos to make them a card and mail it. A thank you to an employee at a grocery store or another type of essential business also goes a long way. 

*Plant a Garden* Buy some seeds and soil online. I attempted this myself the other day. I don’t think this is my year so far! I haven’t completely given up on it.

*Make a 2020 graduate feel loved* Since most graduations will be canceled or postponed, now is a good time to send a card or small gift to one. Some El Paso parents began a Facebook group for this. You’re able to adopt a high school senior in the community.    

That’s all I have for now. Stay safe! Have a nice Easter Sunday for those who celebrate.


  1. Book marking this immediately!!! These are all such great ideas, and I love that they are educational too! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Hope you are doing okay in all this- have a happy Easter tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

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