Two-ingredient Soda Cake!, Etc.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I’m working and working these days and I don’t mind. In a way, I’m kind of sad the Texas governor allowed restaurants, movie theaters and malls to be opened on Friday. They can only be opened at 25 percent capacity for now. El Paso is close to having 1,000 Coronavirus cases! I thought about this a lot and…I don’t think this was the right move to make. At first, I thought maybe it would work out but then I kept thinking about it. Luckily, the movie theaters here decided not to open. There are quite a few restaurants that opened their dining areas. Around 30 stores opened at one mall…like Macy’s and The Apple Store. We’re still supposed to wear masks whenever we go out.I’m all for supporting local businesses but it’s better for me to support them with their delivery and/or carryout options. I really don’t want to visit the mall or watch a movie in public at this time. I don’t feel that safe going out without a cure. There are days when I don’t want to work at a nursing home but I feel like I have to because I’m helping people that need it. It feels good to help people out whenever I can. I got bored the other day so I decided to make a two-ingredient cake. The cake included chocolate cake mix and 12 oz of Cherry Dr. Pepper. I included my version of the recipe below:

1 Box of cake mix

12 oz of soda

Preheat oven to 325

Stir cake mix and soda until lumps are out.

Bake mixture for 30 to 35 minutes. Let the cake cool for five minutes.

Overall, the cake was on the sweet side. It reminded me a lot of a softer brownie. It sort of had a poor presentation so sorry no photos! I got the idea from a meme I saw on Facebook. Have you tried baking a cake like this before? It’s a pretty good idea if you don’t have any eggs or oil in the house and are craving something sweet. How has your week been? Let me know in the comments. Take care everyone and see you next time!


  1. Oh wow! I need to try 7-Up with a pineapple upside down cake! That’s awesome! Thanks for the tip! It may not be as sweet as cherry Dr. Pepper (Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper).

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  2. my mom used to put 7-up in her Pineapple Upside Down Cake..and when she cooked ham..she would pour some 7up over it to mix with the gravy. It’s def. a cooking tool! I love Cherry Coke & reg Dr. Pepper – so I’m wondering how a little mix of things would work. Can’t hurt to try! 😉

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