Being Unwined is AWESOME!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy! Like usual, I’ve been working a lot these days. The best thing about my week was getting unwined earlier this week. What’s that you might ask? A friend invited me to join this local unwined Facebook group for women last week. I’m so glad I joined because it’s been fun! It’s all about giving and receiving…and paying it forward. I like stuff like that! This group isn’t a new concept because it’s happening in other American cities. You can read more about it here.  The story was in “Good Morning America” recently. Anyway…

Basket, wine

What happens is…You gift a woman stranger a basket with things they like. For example, it could be chocolate, lotion, perfume, etc. The main thing that needs to go in the basket is an alcoholic beverage (well yea of course!) like a bottle of wine, beer, whatever this woman likes. In return, you get a basket of things you like delivered to your home! You’re in contact with a moderator in your area to set this up. She gives you someone’s address to deliver the gift to. How cool is that? Can you believe I actually received a basket with Lysol spray in it? Do you know how hard it’s been to find it these days? This project a good way to practice social distancing and make someone’s day a little bit better. This is mostly for the 21 and over crowd. However, those who are younger can still join but of course no booze is involved for them. All of this is verified. You don’t interact with the lady that drops it off. I’ve given away two baskets to a couple of ladies in my zip code so far. I might do another one soon. As of right now, the group has around 1,300 ladies. I’m sure the number of ladies participating will increase as the days go by. I’m glad I got to invite some of my El Paso friends! A few stay at home moms started the group. What do you think? Do you have anything like this happening in your area? Have you played along if you have? Take care everyone and stay safe! Talk to you soon!   

The cool basket I received


  1. Lisa, I love the mixture of cool things and disinfectant. Of course, please do not follow the president’s speculative regimen and ingest it. (maybe this was an inside joke). Keith

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