Justice for Vanessa Guillen


Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! Even though a lot has been happening in the news these days…I wasn’t really feeling the words. I took a short break from blogging (again). If you’re a writer, you know what I mean when writer’s block hits. I was taking a class to become a nursing assistant. I finished this past Tuesday. We writers sometimes have to take other jobs in order to make ends meet. Hopefully I’ll find a full-time writing or nursing assistant job soon! I’m still working in home health but unfortunately nowhere near full-time.

Have you heard of Vanessa Guillen? She was covered in the mainstream media after disappearing from Fort Hood on April 22. She was a 20-year-old soldier from Houston who wanted to join the U.S. Army since she was 10. Remains of her body may have been found on July 1 near the Leon River in Texas. A suspect in her case committed suicide and one other was arrested. Vanessa’s family seeks justice and with good reason. This case makes me wonder how many other victims there have been throughout the years.

There’s an online movement called #IamVanessaGuillen This hash tag is sad to read. Women who were in the military include their own stories of being sexually harassed and assaulted while serving. Apparently it happens A LOT, more often than we know unfortunately. I have a friend who served in the Air Force. She became depressed and almost suicidal while serving. I have to wonder if it was because she was constantly harassed. I figured she was going through it because it was a new experience for her. I never asked her why she felt like that.

I really wanted to join the military when I got out of high school and college. I even considered dropping out of college to go into the Air Force shortly after 9/11. My parents kept telling me not to do it because I would have to ‘fight.’ I was naive and young at the time but I get it now. It took Vanessa Guillen’s story to realize what can happen to women in the military. I had dreams of becoming an officer and getting started with my writing career as a public affairs officer. It wasn’t meant to be and maybe it was for the best. Things have to change! Someday I’ll ask my friend why she was so depressed and suicidal. Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon! #JusticeforVanessaGuillen

Graphic from LULAC Facebook page


  1. Justice for Vanessa! This is a horrible story and I hate that the guy killed himself before the family could get justice .
    Just horrible!
    She was a beautiful child. I just don’t get the evil that is rampant out there.

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  2. I did hear about her case and her disappearance. It is very sad what happened to her. I pray for justice for her and her

    ♥️ Karin from Germany

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