America’s 244th Birthday Party


Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well. America turns 244 years old today. I don’t feel like celebrating or being invited to the party. Today feels like one of those annoying parties for some relative you can’t stand. You know, that annoying tia, tio or cousin (aunt or uncle) that constantly gets drunk or embarrasses you in front of everyone…the one that constantly makes fun of you in front of everyone. You’d much rather be at home watching TV or sleeping. This is just another day for me. I worked and spent it at home. This isn’t a year to celebrate.

Donald Trump and his cronies think otherwise. Did you catch his appearance/presentation at Mount Rushmore last night? What a freaking joke! We had nearly 53,000 cases of Coronavirus nationwide on July 3 alone! More than 7,000 showed up without masks or social distancing. He acts like everything is OK! Hello? Wake up! Everything is NOT OK! We have more than 2 million cases in America as of now! Trump envisions his face being carved into that mountain alongside Lincoln and the others. Aside from Lincoln, none of them should be carved into that mountain on stolen Indian land. Those presidents all stood for bigotry, slavery and/or racism. OK OK so maybe Trump will fit right in after all! Trump seems like he’s from a different planet and he continues to get worse! His dementia is getting worse by the day. He shows classic symptoms of it. I’m not a doctor so I guess you can’t really quote me on that observation. He continues to fail the American people. He’s out of touch with reality. He continues to divide the nation.  

Back in fifth grade, I was thrilled to write a report about Mount Rushmore and South Dakota. I’ve wanted to visit what I thought was a beautiful work of art. Boy, was I wrong and misled! As a child, nobody mentions some of these presidents were slave owners. They’re glorified as people they actually were not. You don’t learn the truth until high school and college history rolls around. What is there to celebrate today? People are dying and being discriminated against. Black and brown people are being killed because of the color of their skin! Police brutality continues to happen right before our eyes! What is there to celebrate in 2020? Did I miss something? Today is definitely not the party for me and I’m univiting myself from it. I’ll party when everyone is equal and free in America. That may be years from now. It might not even happen in my lifetime. America needs change! Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon.  



  1. I heard! We have quite a few too but nowhere near Houston, Dallas. I work at a nursing home but I’m being as safe as possible. I can’t wait ’til this passes!

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  2. Hi Kerry! It’s nice to see you on here! Thank you for stopping by! Yes, it’s definitely a disappointing year! Ugh! I hope you’re staying safe in Houston!

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  3. I agree with you, Lisa, one-hundred percent! I hope and pray come November, we will
    see a different Leader in USA.
    Everyone needs to go out and vote and make a difference.

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  4. Right! I just don’t get why people like and approve of Trump, Jeff. I hope he’ll be gone in November. I’m not sure though…I didn’t think he would become the president in the first place.

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  5. I agree with you Lisa. I’m not feeling very proud to be an American these days, and it continues to horrify me that more than a third of Americans like and approve of Donald Trump. He’s a disgusting and cruel narcissist and racist.

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