Adios Goya Foods!


Hi everyone! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy these days. I’m OK but could be better. The local and national headlines mostly continue to disappoint. Is this really surprising in 2020? NO unfortunately! Anyway…

Have you been keeping up with national headlines? I have! I watch and read the news a lot these days. One of the latest headlines to upset me was Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue praising Donald Trump. He said “We’re all truly blessed…to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder. And so, we have an incredible builder. And we pray. We pray for our leadership, our president, and we pray for our country, that we will continue to prosper and to grow.” Latinos on social media were angry. The hashtags #Goyaway and #boycottgoya were created. One of the main reasons why they’re angry with Unanue’s statement is because of the way Trump’s administration has handled immigration policies/issues for Latino immigrants. There’s lots of other reasons why they disapprove of Trump. Unanue appeared on Fox News to defend his comments. He said he supported Obama and is now going to support Trump. In turn, conservatives and Trump supporters began the hashtags #BuyGoya and #CancelCulture. Unanue wants to donate his food to food banks. This is great but at the same time he thinks Trump is fabulous. 

Actor and activist Lin-Manuel Miranda from “Hamilton” and New York representative Alexandria O-Casio Cortez spoke out against Unanue’s statement. Miranda said “We learned to bake bread in this pandemic, we can learn to make our own adobo con pimienta. Bye.” The New York Times also quoted Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack, a Mexican cookbook author and food blogger. Way back in 2015, I got to interview her on Life of an El Paso Woman. You can check out the interview here. She’s a native El Pasoan. She told the New York Times “it was surprising and sad to hear Unanue’s comments.”           

To be honest, I’ve never really been a fan of anything Goya makes (and I’m not about to become a fan now). It’s been years since I’ve bought any of their products. It doesn’t taste authentic enough for me. They offer canned foods like beans and chick peas, packaged rice and fruit juices. I prefer the Mexican brand La Costena. Herdez also makes some pretty decent guacamole salsa. Take care everyone! I’m going on assignment for a couple of freelance projects but I’ll be in touch soon. Stay safe and healthy! 



  1. Girl! Why am I now just seeing this comment? Sorry! I’m still standing my ground and never buying Goya again! Hope you’re doing well and staying safe and healthy! Take care!

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