The Coronavirus Testing Experience

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I have a couple of days off from work so I wanted to blog/write. The Coronavirus numbers continue to rise in Texas and in most states! Texas is considered a hotspot. As of early July 14, Texas has  almost 270,000 cases. In El Paso, we have 9,953. Insane! The good news is that some of these cases have already recovered.

Someone I know tested positive for Covid-19 recently. This person was released from the hospital a week ago. I wanted to take a test because I could’ve been exposed. I haven’t felt that great either but not completely horrible…if that makes sense? I’ve had headaches for a few days but no fever. I haven’t received the results yet! I took the test exactly one week ago from today. I hope I receive the results soon! This is a flaw in the testing system! I get that a lot of people are taking tests right now and they run out and are overworked but…something needs to change with the process. We are more than five months into this thing! They only give those who are in the hospital the results within one day. Many have already tested positive so I’m not sure why they keep getting tested? I guess to double check? Anyway… 

Before taking the test, I read up on how the test is done. I didn’t know what to expect. It seems like it’s a different experience for everyone. A friend said it felt like she was drowning underwater. I don’t think it felt that way. Here’s my experience below:

There’s been three types of tests available. They either take saliva, mucus or blood. I took the mucus one. I was able to get a test at CVS Pharmacy. Aside from not having my results yet, the test ran quickly and smoothly. Be prepared to administer it yourself if you go to CVS. They’ll explain the steps to you but you’ll be doing it on yourself.  

*You have to sign up for it online. You can’t make an appointment in person or over the phone. They’ll email and/or text you the date and time. You use the drive-thru pharmacy and stay in your car the whole time.

*The employee gives you the test which includes a thinner and longer ‘Q-tip.’ You use that to swirl inside of your nose/nostril for 15 seconds. The employee tells you to place it in the nostril that has more mucus in it. It felt like it was tickling me. This is kind of gross but…it sort of felt like a bug crawled inside of my nose. You then place it in the other nostril for around five seconds.

*Place the Q-tip/sample in a long, thin vile and close it. It’s placed in a plastic bag. You place the specimen inside of a metal box. You wipe the metal box with an antibacterial wipe beforehand. That’s about it! Your nose might bleed or feel different for you. This of course was just my own experience.

*If you don’t have insurance, the test is free. If you have insurance, take your insurance card with you. They’ll also ask you for your ID and social security number. Your results are sent to you by text or email. There’s also an app called MyChart. The app updates you on your test results, upcoming appointments and more. Take care everyone and I’ll see you soon!




  1. Thanks Keith! Eight days later and still waiting on results…There has to be a better way of doing things. We all know they don’t care in the White House though! Everything is wonderful according to them.


  2. Did you have the test at the hospital? I’ve heard those are faster. Hope you’re ok from your knee surgery. I’m now on Day 7 of waiting! I’m thinking your surgery was some weeks back? It seems like there’s more testing happening now.

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  3. Thank you Lisa for letting us know how the test works! We appreciate the information. 👍Take care and God bless you!

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