Space Jam 2

Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well! I know it’s been months since I last blogged! Apologies for that! Life has been so busy these days! I’ve been working a lot! I’ve also done some traveling. Covid was also rough for everyone! Hopefully you’ve had the chance to get vaccinated. This post will be pretty short. Hopefully I can do a longer one soon! Anyway…

Do you think you’ll be watching “Space Jam A New Legacy? Did you know about it? It’s going to be at theaters starting Friday, July 16th (in the US). Of course it won’t have the same storyline as the first one with Michael Jordan. It’s more family oriented and LeBron James is in it. He’s a family man. The movie also involves digital space and basketball with Looney Tunes characters! I hope to check it out soon! How are you doing? What’s new in your life? Let’s catch up because it’s been a minute! I’ll see you later! I’ll update the blog when I can…and whenever time permits. Thank you for sticking around!


  1. Hello my friend! Thank you for thinking of me! I hope you’ve been well! I’m hanging in there and of course taking a long break from blogging! Lol. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 and a Happy New Year to you and your husband!

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  2. Hi Keith! Nice to hear from you! I’m glad to hear you all got vaccinated! My 15-year-old is even vaccinated! I was sick for 2 days but my son wasn’t. Not sure about the song being in this one! 😊 Take care and I’ll need to catch up with reading blogs soon…and even blogging! Ha ha.


  3. Lisa, I hope you are well. We are all vaccinated here. It was a no brainer. WE just were sore and achy for a day or so. I wonder if the new movie will feature Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle?” Keith

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  4. Greetings from Germany!💕
    So nice to hear from you again! We missed you! Take care and God bless you!

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